Blog 1 – Introduction

Cynthia M. Plemmons

Dr. Richard Gaspar

Writing – Mass Communications (MMC-2100C- 29062)

25 August 2019

Blog 1 – Introduction

Hello fellow classmates!  I appreciate the opportunity to share something about myself and look forward to learning more about each of you. 

After 30 years as an IT project manager, I am returning to college to prepare for a second career in public relations.  I would like to work on initiatives that improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and on resiliency projects to address the impacts of climate change.  

Currently, I’m serving on the steering committee to rebuild a community pool, the Angus R. Goss Memorial Pool in Seminole Heights.  For this effort, I have brought together the Tampa City Council and the Florida Center for Community Design and Research from USF’s College of Architecture.  The planning for the pool should start next month.  If you would like to learn more, here is a link to the ABC Action News story in which I was interviewed: 

I anticipate that I will be blogging and writing stories about the progress of our committee and resiliency projects unless given a class specific topic.  It’s been my experience that when I can apply course concepts and techniques to real life events, I have a greater understanding, enjoy the class a lot more, and feel better prepared for the profession I’m pursuing.

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  1. Good afternoon Cynthia, that is so inspiring how you have decided to come back to college and find a new career path! not only that but you are helping the Tampa community by rebuilding a pool. im sure the neighborhood is truly grateful to know you are working on such a project. i wish you the best of luck on the rebuilding and on your path to becoming a PR.


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